A former vice president at Digital Realty convinced a federal judge to allow two recordings he made on his iPhone during meetings with his former manager and an HR consultant, to be considered as evidence.

Digital Realty filed an unsuccessful motion to block the recordings.   The recordings were made legally in Singapore where the consent of all parties is not required.  Paul Somers, worked as a Vice President managing Digital Realty’s Europe and Asia Pacific regions receiving high praise from the CEO and nearly $1 million dollars in long-term compensation only to be terminated weeks later for alleged performance issues.

“The recordings are proof positive that Digital Realty staged a fraudulent termination process and fabricated every single reason used as an excuse to fire Mr. Somers,” according to a spokesman for Somers, “Digital overlooked Mr. Somers’ stellar performance and rushed to fire him for reporting shareholder fraud.  It’s not up for debate, the recordings make it clear.”

Somers filed a $23 million lawsuit in November of 2014 claiming retaliation, defamation, and disparate treatment.