Kyle Pedersen represents Chubb Insurance Group and also purports to represent Digital Realty.  She is one of the three lawyers who engaged in fraud and more related to (Dkt. 103) and Josh Mills have known for 3 years that all Digital Realty Lync Messages were available in the company archives.  As part of discovery, I requested the SMS type messages.  Digital said that there aren’t any.   Mr. Mills oversees legal strategy and the official word from him is that Lync (SMS) messages are regularly purged from Digital’s IT system.  “There are no Lync messages” Pedersen repeats over and over for the last three years.  Petersen and Mills knew all along they were being as dishonest    It turns out that all Lync messages are archived, by law, no differently than emails.

Josh Mills, enough is enough. Refusing to turn over documents I requested three years ago violates your code of conduct, SOX, and the NYSE Member Rules.  You can’t continue to direct your insurance company’s lawyers to break the law.

And remember punitive damages are not covered by Chubb.  We can now easily prove, as I told you from Day 1, Kumar set me up. If you simply spend a few hours investigating this matter rather than offloading it to a law firm like Seyfarth Shaw, you could have saved Digital a lot of money.






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