Unwelcome News for a Company Who Manages Other’s Data.

Digital’s Attorney:  “I know that you think I am a liar…..Please believe me.”

Apparently unable to rely on the truth in the lawsuit Somers v. Digital Realty, the REIT managed to get the court to give them the right to write the “Orders” in the case.  This is known as “ghostwriting.”  Plaintiff Somers was aware that there was something going on but was unable to do anything until he found proof of the misconduct.

The lawyers involved will be facing lawsuits for civil rights violations under Section 1983 – Private Party Acting Under Color of Law.

How prevalent is this in the Northern District. How many other plaintiffs have been cheated?

Digital’s lead counsel, Brian Ashe who carried out the plans at Digital’s instruction denied any wrongdoing, more or less.  Instead of admitting to the case ending misconduct, Mr. Ashe tried this on for size:

“I recognize that you do not believe me.  I know that you think I am a liar…..Please believe me.”  -Brian T. Ashe , Seyfarth Shaw

Yes, Mr. Ashe, we believe you.  A senior associate on the matter for Seyfarth, Shireen Wetmore has been unreachable and now said to be on indefinite leave.