Digital Realty & Chubb Exposed in Illegal Case-Fixing Scheme Estimated at $504,000

Corruption at a level never exposed before in the Northern District of California

By Linda Miller

When Digital Realty & its insurer Chubb started to lose ground in the lawsuit Somers v. Digital Realty & Ellen Jacobs, they instructed their counsel, Seyfarth Shaw, to get a grip on matters.  Seyfarth got a grip alright, they might as well have donned blacked robes and obtained the keys to the federal courthouse in a secret deal with two federal judges.  Seyfarth convinced two judicial officers to allow them to act as the judge in the lawsuit.

Digital Realty & Chubb’s attorney at Seyfarth, Mr. Brian Ashe, broke the ice on the idea of case-fixing at the annual Meet the Magistrate Judges event on October 13, 2016 in Oakland, California.  He and Magistrate Judge had a few more chats and then entered into an agreement allowing for Digital Realty & Chubb to take over as the judge in the matter.  Starting on November 21, 2016, Digital Realty & Chubb started to make the decisions and ghostwrite the orders, acting as the judge “under color of law.”  The judges were able to push-off part of their workload to a third-party, even though it was done unlawfully and by the defendants.

“The average citizen is unaware of the kinds of illegal things that corporations do to win lawsuits.” – Eric C., Attorney

As a result Brian Ashe and others at Seyfarth Shaw had their hands in writing nearly every unlawful and illegitimate “order” “issued” in the lawsuit starting in November 2016.  Mr. Ashe and his co-conspirators are facing a civil suit and criminal charges for engaging in a conspiracy to obstruct justice.

“It’s shocking to think that something like this could happen.”  – Clair B., Barista

Digital Realty & Chubb wrote one unlawful order after another unfairly abusing and harassing the plaintiff, Mr. Somers.  They were able to access the filing system as a federal judge to make it appear as if the orders were coming from the court.  They forced Somers to engage in thousands of hours of needless work.  At that time Somers did not have the evidence of the case-fixing scheme that he has today.  Seyfarth Shaw has been able to get away with a great deal of misconduct and even several felony/misdemeanors. The defendants are facing lawsuits for depriving Mr. Somers of his civil right to a fair trial.

[* Mr. Ashe has publicly stated that his fee is $700/hour.  The case-fixing has been underway for 22 months or 90 weeks.  Estimating that Mr. Ashe spent 8 hours per week acting as judge on the matter.  $700 x 8hrs x 90 weeks = $504,000. ] 

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