Because they are heterosexual.

Legal News:  by L. Miller

Nine months ago, Joshua Mills and Justin Chang, employees of Digital Realty, conspired with Brian T. Ashe, and Shireen Wetmore of the law firm Seyfarth Shaw, to try and implicate and associate a former VP with criminal activity.  The four thought it would be helpful to Chubb Insurance Group and Digital Realty to make Paul Somers into someone he is not.   In doing so they created four new criminals; themselves. This is a problem for the four lawyers because what they accused Somers of never occurred.  He proved it with clear evidence from a reliable third party, namely Google.  The four lawyers made up a story about Mr. Somers and swore to it under penalty of perjury.  Each of the four acted maliciously and conspired to create identical stories about Somers being a stalker and genius computer hacker.  They filed their false stories as declarations in federal district court.  It’s illegal to file fraudulent and perjurious documents with a government office.

Question to Bill Stein,CEO, and Digital’s Board of Directors:  Why are Joshua Mills and Justin Chang still employed by Digital Realty?

The near term plan was to create a colorful story to damage Somers and set him up for an arrest.  Seyfarth has done this before in other cases.  Mr. Somers could see after these accusations were lodged that he was no longer safe in his own home.  It would only be a matter of time before Seyfarth would create an incident and call the police, show them the false allegations and have him arrested.

“After Digital filed these accusations I left the country and only return for hearings.”  I am not safe as long as Digital Realty, Chubb and its unlawful and sinister lawyers know where I am. They will be hard pressed to falsely accuse me of anything if they cannot pinpoint my location.  Josh Mills, Justin Chang, Shireen Wetmore and Brian T. Ashe are dangerous individuals.  Don’t be fooled by their attempts to charm you.  For example one of Wetmore’s tricks is to put on a meek little baby voice when she speaks.  It’s fake, but it makes her sound so helpless and vulnerable.  She’s not.  I have recordings of her  gas lighting a federal judge and proof that she forged documents using my name. “

Ashe and Wetmore came up with the false allegations (fabricated evidence) of stalking and trespassing they would later use to try and get Somers arrested.  Seyfarth Shaw has done this before to other plaintiffs.  Somers was able to easily prove every statement false using Google Locations Services and eye-witness testimony.  It easily proved that none of what the four lawyers stated had occurred yet somehow they claim to all have seen the same things.  It proves a conspiracy to damage Mr. Somers.  The lawyers made these statements under penalty of perjury which should result in their disbarment

Somers easily proved that none of what the four lawyers stated had occurred yet somehow they claim to all have seen the same things.  It clearly proves a conspiracy to damage Mr. Somers.

Somers added, “GPS and cellular phone technology are the enemies of people like Ashe, Wetmore, Mills, and Chang. They can be easily caught by technology they don’t understand.  I hope they will have to compensate me what they have done to my reputation.   Thanks to Google, we now have clear and convincing evidence that all of the lawyers, violated a number of federal laws.”

My question to Bill Stein and Digital’s Board of Directors;  why are Joshua Mills and Justin Chang still employed by Digital Realty?

My question to Mr. Mills;  why haven’t you resigned?

Mills intentionally violated federal law in conjunction with his role as the head of Digital’s legal department.  Mills is also the enforcer of Digital Realty’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. It only goes to show that Digital’s code of conduct isn’t taken seriously.  But as Digital has shown time and again, if you are heterosexual, you can do violate federal laws and get away with it.  Mills and Chang are prime examples of this.

Somers is preparing to file civil suits against Mills, Chang, Wetmore and Ashe for the crimes of conspiracy, IIED, fabricating evidence, filing false documents with a government office, et al.  Police reports may allow law enforcement to file criminal charges against all four lawyers in the near future.