Foust- “It’s too bad about the changes at Digital.” DLR’s Board Chairman Misled Investors in Press Release to Cover Up Stein’s Misconduct

Digital Realty dropped the word Trust from its name in several years ago. Perhaps it was to clear the way for innapropriate behavior in years to come when the likes of A. William Stein took over.

Let’s face it. We still like Mike. We miss Mike. Digital wouldn’t be engaged in untoward business with federal judges if Mike were still at the helm. Digital used to be a big family. It used to be a great place to work.

Now it’s toxic leadership is engaged in perjury, discrimination and retaliation. Digital went to the Supreme Court to be able to fire its employees for abiding by its Code of Conduct. Digital’s leadership is also buried its collective head in the sand concerning it’s corruption of judges and court staff which occurred in the District Court under under Joshua Mills’ guidance.

Digital’s current less than honest way of doing business started in March 2014, with fraudulant press releases. Digital lied to shareholders and the public to cover up what Bill Stein was doing to gain control of Digital for himself and his chosen people.

Stein’s cloak and dagger way of operating Digital Realty started out that way and hasn’t changed under his leadership. Stein’s first act as “interim” CEO was one of dishonesty. Here’s what they said:

Digital Realty Trust said today that its long-time CEO Michael Foust has stepped down, effective immediately. The company’s board has appointed Chief Financial Officer William Stein to take over as Interim Chief Executive.

Board chairman Dennis Singleton said that the Foust and the board had “mutually agreed that it was an appropriate time to find the next leader to help guide Digital Realty to the next level and scale of operational sophistication.”

March 17, 2014

That press release is false. Singleton was dishonest. It turns out there was no mutual agreement. Foust had no idea that he was about to be fired. In an email to me, Mr. Foust stated the following:

M Foust <> Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 5:15 PM

To: Paul Somers <>

Paul, I’m sorry how badly things turned out at DLR. My departure was abrupt, told on Sat that Mon was my last day. It is too bad about the changes at Digital.

Good luck on new opportunities. Let me know what you are up to.



Foust then filed a lawsuit against Digital because Stein tried to stiff him on pay. Public corporations are not permitted to lie to investors and the public. More dishonest acts have been found and will be presented in the coming weeks. Check back for information on this topic, Digital’s federal court bribery scheme and the other big one developing related to an massive unreported SLA breach – it’s extraordinairy.

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