Stacks of evidence prove Judge Edward M. Chen engaged in case-fixing scheme with the Jewish Mafia

It’s hard to imagine a judge doing something more horrendous than placing a litigant in the hands of his opponent, especially when his opponents are major corporations with unlimited funds. This is precisely what two federal judges did to Paul Somers.

The Ashkenazi Jewish mafia strikes again!

It’s no surprise that the Jewish mafia is behind the corruption as it has been throughout the litigation process over the last six years. Their is now certainty that the Jewish mafia buys the outcome of lawsuits by bribing federal judges. Digital Realty’s insurance company, Chubb Sponsors the bribery and has their defense counsel carry out the crime.

Irrefutable evidence proves that for the last two years of the proceedings in Paul Somers versus Digital Realty Trust and Ellen Jacobs, the defense counsel, Seyfarth,was acting in place of both Judge Edward M Chen and Magistrate Judge Kandis Westmore.

Both judges cut a deal with the defendants that allowed them to step out of the case and secretly let the lawyers at Seyfarth take over to write unlawful orders and make fraudulent rulings.

It’s no surprise to many because Seyfarth is well known for having the sleaziest lawyers in the business.

Seyfarth and the judges carried on with their scheme for nearly two years from Late 2016 until August 2018. It ended when the defendants wrote the order on their own motion for summary judgment. Of course they wrote it in their favor as they had the previous 176 orders.

It’s beyond troubling to see Judges Chen and Westmore preying upon the plaintiff, Paul Somers, because he had no lawyer. Mr. Somers was self represented because each time he got a lawyer, Digital Realty’s insurer, Chubb, instructed Brian Ashe of Seyfarth to bribe or coerce them into quitting. Evidence to prove this is in-hand.

What can be proven is that for two years the judges and the defense counsel acted together to put on simulated proceedings to fool Mr. Somers into thinking he was being afforded his due process rights under The Constitution. The judges carried out the scheme with Seyfarth for two years wasting taxpayer money on nothing more than an elaborate ceremony.

Of course the judges had no choice but to attend hearings to make things appear to be business as usual. At those hearings Judges Chen and Westmore made it clear they did not know what was going on in the case.

The judges law clerk’s also stopped working on the case in November 2016. It’s problematic that none of them sounded the alarm when they realized there was no judicial participation in the proceedings. Each law clerk for both judges need to be identified and prosecuted for aiding and abetting the corruption. Remaining silent when a judge engages in crime is being is unacceptable behavior for a law clerk under any circumstance.

Both Chen and Westmore are perfectly aware of the crimes they committed and should voluntarily step down to spare the judicial system and the Northern District from the harm to come from the evidentiary disclosures. It’s doubtful that either one has the integrity needed to step down and admit to their crimes.

For now, the evidence against the judges is being closely guarded. The evidence collected has been thoroughly vetted. Neither judge will be able to provide a plausible explanation to refute the evidence.

Looking at the bigger picture of it proves that Chen and Westmore are clearly in bed with the Jewish mafia that has thoroughly poisoned every aspect of the lawsuit. We can only wonder what are the cases these judges have presided over which have been decided not on their merits but on their money.

You have to wonder has Chen put an innocent person in prison because he was paid to do so? Has he let criminals go free because he the Jewish mafia instructed him to do so?

Neither judge can remain in their current position. Both have an obligation to admit to their crimes and resign immediately. None of their orders are valid and the decision in the case of Paul Somers v. Digital Realty & Ellen Jacobs is simply void.

More on these unthinkable criminal acts to come.

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