During the course the lawsuit evidence supports that Brian T. Ashe has  engaged in the following: Perjury  Fraud Identity Theft  Forgery  Bribery Wire Fraud  Conspiracy Obstruction of  Justice Acting under Color of  Law to Deprive Plaintiff of his Civil Rights … Continue reading .

A Letter to Sam Lee About Criminal Activity

In an effort to promote transparency, this letter has been posted on DigitalCruelty.com. Sam Lee is a former Digital Realty employee who is hiding from the truth. He is aware that Brian T. Ashe representing the  Declaration is false yet has failed to inform me, the plaintiff.  Sam has been warned twice that his silence may make him an accessory after-the-fact to a crime.  This is Sam’s third and final warning before he may be facing legal action for refusing to answer this simple question. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Sam Lee , Brian Ashe has certified to the federal court system under … Continue reading A Letter to Sam Lee About Criminal Activity

Sam Lee: Defamation Expert?

It’s Been Four Years and Everyone Has Moved On Except fior Sam Lee.  Sam’s Still Lying But Now Under Oath.  Or is it a fraud by Digital Lawyers? I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that I have read this declaration and that it is true and correct. Executed June 13, 2018 at Singapore. [This docuement violates Singapore Law.  Mr. Lee failed to legalize the document and violated Singapore Law when he sent this to the United States.   Mr. Lee, if this document is a forgery you should respond immediately. This … Continue reading Sam Lee: Defamation Expert?